Why not me?

I’ve been on the single scene now for a few years. Not by choice but due to the fact that I’ve been busy forging a successful career for myself, I haven’t made much time for anything else. I’m ambitious and intelligent and I have turned my passion into my career – Computers. I worked hard to get to where I am in my career and while I realise I’m still in the infancy of my career, I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. This part of my life is something with which I am content.

However, what bugs me to no end is that there seems to be a growing trend of people in my age group getting married, having kids and working in good jobs. It’s not that I’m not happy for them that they have all that in their lives, I’m very happy for them! I just end up wondering, why not me? Why don’t I have that? I have the great job, but I’m otherwise alone. Is this just a case of ‘the grass looks greener on the other side’? I know some genuinely wonderful people who have it all and, by God, do they deserve it! But then you get people who are cheating on their partners, treating them like garbage, and/or not appreciating them and it really pisses me off. There are some people who deserve to be alone but still have partners, so surely that means that the reason I’m alone is not because I don’t deserve to be loved.

Another thing I don’t understand is this following gem that people in relationships give as advice: “Put yourself out there.”

“This isn’t the gentlemen’s club I know…” [Image from bbc.co.uk]

What does that even mean? I know the social norm is to head down to the local pub or nightclub but that’s not my scene! I don’t take enjoyment from becoming inebriated and flailing around a crowded dance floor like some kind of octopus out of water, being drenched in… well, anything but water. But what other options are there? In a world where sex is no longer held sacred, how can I possibly find a man who treats it as something more than a fun pastime? Someone who treats a lady’s heart with care? Does such a man still exist who is still single? I hate to think that I’ve set the bar too high but I’m so sick of being alone and, at the same time, I resent the fact that I’d have to lower my standards to be deemed acceptable by most bachelors in today’s society.

Maybe this is an issue on my part; maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I don’t know. All I know is I’m sick of being alone AND I’m sick of the dating scene (well before I’ve even had a proper chance to enter it)!

Gripe over.


One thought on “Why not me?

  1. This sounds exactly like me! I also work in computers. Hmm…
    I’m also not into nightclubs/pubs etc and no, you’re not “setting the bar too high” – not everyone out there is into pubs and getting drunk and casual sex and all the rest of it (regardless of what the media would have us believe). I’m not, so there’s one straight away 🙂

    Hang in there, don’t compromise on the things you hold most important and hopefully the “right guy” will come along.
    Yes, I see the irony of me giving relationship advice while I’m in the same boat as you.

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