Life lessons

Here are a couple of life lessons I’d like to share with you, my dear readers. To anyone who has yet to learn them, I hope this helps.

About Regrets
[Regrets Image]
I recently read a very well-written blog post about regrets. The writer had made some mistakes in life and they used to ponder on them with regret and misery but they were finally able to let go of the sorrow and move on. Still, it bothers me that they regretted the mistakes they made. Life is like a classroom and we – the pupils – all file into the room, dreading having to spend the day (I.e. lifetime) listening to the teacher (God) as he fills our minds with information, knowledge and experience. To many of us, it seems so drab, mundane and utterly pointless and we constantly find ourselves asking why we even bother attending. So we act out as a means of entertainment because we don’t see the bigger picture. And then we later regret having played out.

Yet there is NO point in feeling regret over anything and here’s why. The mistakes we make in life are, within themselves, lessons to be learned. We don’t realise it but, in making those mistakes, we’re allowing God and the universe to let us see how it feels to make that mistake, what consequences it begets and then (hopefully) we learn how never again to make that mistake. So live your life without regret, for the mistakes you make today create the lessons that mould you into a better person tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes in life and you’ll never have to feel another moment of regret ever again.

About Jealousy
[Envy Image]
I came across a quote recently that I thoroughly enjoyed.

“As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.” -Antisthenes

Even if we never admit to it and have learned to hide it well, we have all felt envy at some point in our lives. It’s a natural Human emotion and I refuse to recognise it as the cardinal sin the Catholic Church would have us believe it to be. I bet even good ole Pope Francis has felt a pang of envy at some point in his life. (Oh, the sacrilege of it all!) I’m not saying it’s something we should embrace. In fact, I want to try and make a point of helping you to not feel that way. To feel envious of another is to put yourself down and to fill your heart with poisonous thoughts. It all stems from insecurity… Which is the reason why I’m encouraging you to fight against your own feelings of jealousy towards other people. We are all flawed individuals but we are all deemed worthy by God to live our lives and to love ourselves. We each have the ability to give and receive love, so hone it! Focus on yourself and think about all the good things about you, let it fill your mind. These qualities about you enable you to enrich this world and make it a better place, even if you don’t see it yourself. Now think about love in it’s purest form, and let that fill your heart and soul. Let its warmth permeate every inch of your being for this is a reminder of why no person or thing is worth you putting yourself down. Eliminate your insecurities and remove them from your thoughts – FORCE THEM OUT! You are a loved child of God, you are worth more than you realise and you are above jealousy.

My hopes in sharing these lessons is that it helps to improve your life or at least to improve your perception of it. We are all spirits on a Human journey and it is not expected of us to know everything. We are here to learn, to grow and maybe even to seek redemption for transgressions made in previous lifetimes. I send my love and prayers of goodwill and hope to you all.


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