URGENT Message from Archangel Raguel and The Ascended Masters

Alicia A. Rammel
URGENT Message from Archangel Raguel and The Ascended Masters about Prophecies and UFOs PLEASE READ
by Spiritual Unfoldment: The Awakening of One Divine Heart on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 4:45pm ·
Beloved Family of Earth~
Today I share a Message that has come to me from Archangel Raguel, Overseer of The Archangels.
As hundreds of thoughts race through my mind about possible feedback or judgment, I know with my whole Being that this Message is one of great importance and to choose my personal fear above sharing what has come through me would be an almost unforgivable mistake. This Message came with a Presence of Light like I have never known, and the transmission was of a clarity that I cannot question. HOWEVER, that does not mean I feel You should not use Your own discernment with this Message. ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel for Truth in Your heart–but be aware of fearful reaction that tries to act like discernment. You will not Know the Truth by reading this Message, You will Know the Truth by reading this Message and then sitting in stillness with the information, that comes through these words as a download of LIGHT.
With that, I give You The Message from Archangel Raguel and The Ascended Masters:
“The ascension process as it is occurring on Earth is one of anchoring and assimilation, rather than what is thought as a rising away and from the lower planes. Yes, You are vibrating out of a lower vibration, but that does not mean You are ‘going’ anywhere. The True Ascension, as is Known to all Masters, especially Buddha and Jesus, is that the Light of God must be brought down into the body from the Higher Planes. This happens for those who are diligent about reaching within to that Source and expanding it through conscious devotion. Yes, there are astral planes to travel and things that can be explored as they have been created by others in the ethers through all of time, but the one thing You are being asked to do on earth is to connect with the God within. All else is a distraction. I say this to You because there are many, infinite, thought-forms of consciousness that You can follow, but there is only ONE that will lead You Home.
Too many of You on the earth have become consumed with prophesies and doomsday happenings that will never come to pass. These notions of thought were set into motion long, long ago, and NOW as You elevate your consciousness beyond the 3D You are becoming aware of these old patterns of thought already in existence. This does not make them REAL. This makes them new to Your consciousness, because previously You were unable to conceive of many of the things that are currently floating around in Your awareness of etheric space, but that doesn’t make them a Real NOW. Imagine being on the bottom of the Ocean; it is black and dark in its distance from The Light at the surface. Now, imagine coming up slowly from the bottom, out of that darkness, into waters that hold a vast array of life. As You rise into this existence of new life, it must be known that these rocks and species of plants and fish are not new, it is simply that before now You were unable to see them. Much of the Life existing within the Ocean has been there since its conception; so it doesn’t mean it’s new because You have just discovered it. And it certainly doesn’t mean that this new discovery deserves or requires Your undivided attention. Because if You stay stationary, fixated upon what You see that either scares You or distracts You because it’s new, You are not flowing. You are not allowing Yourself to go beyond this new idea or form. Thoughts and beliefs creates images, realities that can become suspended in time, especially if given a lot of energy. And the same is true for prophecies. Some of the prophecies You are just now attaching Yourselves to have been suspended in the Mass Mind for millennia. This ‘new’ discovery does not require Your attention or energy, to give to it expands it and creates more of it through focus and attention. Much of what You are all concerned about is suspended or trapped pockets of fear within the consciousness of the collective. They are ‘frozen beliefs’ traveling in time, being picked up on again and again…
You must understand that Your planet is in peril because You do not understand the ways of God. God is LOVE. God is within… Nothing more nothing less. God is Infinite, and all the ‘in between’ that everyone on the planet is becoming so obsessed with is OLD energy of thought. This will pass, but only if You know that this is not information that You should be stuck on. These things: aliens, UFOs, angels, beings living on other planets and stars…Have existed for eternity. They are not new, only new to You because You are the babies of the Universe, or that person coming up from the bottom of the ocean. The idea or concept of these things is like seeing a ball or a cloud or the sky or an animal for the first time. It is nothing that should keep You from Your primary focus, which should be God. If all of You were to pull Your attention away from politics, aliens, and all that You do not like, and yet are still so fixated with, it would all fall away from Your reality and You would RISE ABOVE those thought forms. You have to See as humans that there is always more. Granted, I Know as an Archangel that all is Divine and You are exactly where You should be…. It is a Message I bring that You should not get caught up in what isn’t real—but what is actually old, VERY OLD, and is now becoming something You are unconsciously trying to manifest again and recreate through energy and attention.
The time has come to look beyond the fantasy and illusion of the mind and seek the God within. It is only by looking within that You will find the Real Truth of Reality. There is nothing outside of You, all that You see is of another time and another plane of existence past… a dream within a dream within a dream. The only Truth is in The NOW and is not in what Your eyes tell You is Real, but is in what Your Heart Sees and FEELS is Real.
There are those who wish to lead You on distractive journeys and excavations through realms of time that do not apply to You, and are in fact harmful to You. Whether or not You have star families should make no difference to You. That is not a thought within the NOW of Your Heart. That is a past or a future that is truly not existing within Your Now. Within the Realm of Your Heart You will find a peace with this existence that will leave You wondering why anyone would bother looking anywhere else for the meaning of Life.
Do not be bothered or lead astray by any beings stating they are coming to the planet to ‘help’ or ‘save’ You. They do not come in good intention and it is best to tell them to GO immediately; stating that You are indeed a Sovereign Nation of ONE people and You do NOT want them here. If You invite them into Your world You will surely be sorry. This is the Truth as We The Archangels and Ascended Ones See it. You are walking a perilous line of creation right now, and not enough of You know that You are creating Your reality through Your thoughts. You do not know that if You stop looking without and begin to look within Your world would change and You would have PEACE. Not enough of You desire Peace at this moment, at least not enough to do what is necessary to create the change.
This is a moment in time when everything will change… and it depends on what thoughts You bring to the table. I say this because the thoughts You CHOOSE– and yes, You do CHOOSE them, are the thoughts You are adding to the world collective puzzle. This puzzle, not unlike any other, creates a picture when it is complete. You must ask Yourself, ‘IS THIS THE PIECE I WANT TO LAY DOWN? WILL THIS PIECE HELP TO CREATE A PICTURE OF HEAVEN OR HELL? Your thoughts ARE pieces of an ever-evolving puzzle, a big picture that creates the form and shape of Your reality.
Many of You believe that the aliens are coming to help You. Many of You anticipate First Contact with great eagerness. I assure You, as a Being of The Highest Order of Light that can do nothing to interfere with the Will of Humankind… the intentions are of no Good. This is not to say that there are not Celestial Beings of ‘alien’ nature that are not of Love and Light. It is true certainly that there are a Great many Beings who exist in the Star Realms with the Highest Love and Intention held for those of You on earth, but these Beings KNOW they are NOT able or allowed to come to this planet and interfere in any way through human contact ON EARTH. They observe and witness and Know they cannot assist in the physical, and this is how You Know the difference.
Many of You have reached out to Star Families and have felt the Love of the Heavens and of the Higher expectations of earth, but this will not be the mission of those alien beings who land upon the earth. Those who land are not the same Beings of Light You have contacted and felt the Presence of Love from. We are watching them and indeed they have an agenda, an agenda that cares not for the human race or for life itself. They are interested in this planet for its minerals and resources and see You, the human, as a means to an end. This is a mission to enslave.
It is not My Message or mission to frighten You. No, this is not the intention of those of Us Who Can See. It is Our intention to share with You the Vision of The Loving Parent who knows that the Child is about to journey into an unknown realm where it is unfamiliar and unprotected in terms of being naïve. You must do what You can now to make a strong “NO!” heard from Your Hearts and from Your minds. Only You, by KNOWING You have the power to say “NO” can stop what is being planned for You, Humanity, and for the Earth Herself. This is a must now. You must learn from the past, and let the world Know that You are not destined to repeat the mistakes. There are many of You here who have been programmed to believe that You are in contact with Celestial Beings who are good and who wish to come to the planet to help, and You are being sorely mislead. It pains Us to watch as so many are being fooled because they have yet to learn the Way of The Heart. Your Heart can tell You The Truth, but only if You tune in to It. It is, as We on the Higher Planes See it, like the man in the van pulling up beside the child and asking the child to get in because he has some candy. You have warned Your children not to talk to strangers, You have told them from the moment they have understood the language, DO NOT TAKE CANDY FROM STRANGERS… this is the same thing, Dear Children of Earth.
We The Ascended Angelic Beings of Light ask You, Our Beloved Family on Earth, DO NOT TAKE TECHNOLOGY FROM STRANGERS IN AIRCRAFT SHAPED LIKE UFOS. You will be enticed by the promises, and the promises of technological advances will be like candy to a child. It will seem as if all the earth’s problems can be made to just ‘go away’ if You only had the information and the technology they have…. IT WILL NOT BE THIS WAY. And just like every mistaken and ignorant child that gets into the van after the candy… they are never seen again.
Again, We come not today to scare You. We come to warn You of imminent danger. Not every Being that exists on Higher Planes than Yours is of a good nature. Not every being is working with Love. You are being warned Now, and You are being encouraged to share this Message far and wide.
There will be many who have been so brainwashed by the aliens masquerading as Light Beings that they will be unable to swallow their pride and say, “I was wrong. I was deceived. I was misinformed.” These are the souls on earth who will need to decide if their pride is more valuable than their life. It takes great courage and tremendous strength to admit being wrong, especially when so much of Your life and story has been invested in the lie, but the truth will soon come to pass, and many who felt their Family was coming will find instead a lie.
This is a painful topic for most, as many of You are anticipating something Greater than Yourself coming to heal the world and take away the suffering. This is not going to happen with the interference of another race coming to the planet. This is going to happen when You, The People, say NO to another race coming to the planet. Believe it or not, You can stop them, but it takes You understanding their mission and intention, and You Knowing You have the RIGHT to say NO!
We are warning You because We wish to empower You. Too many of You, in an external search for life, have found contact with beings who are not above manipulation. In a sense You have invited this, but it is not too late. You are not to be afraid, You are to be strong in Your knowing that You are powerful enough—ON YOUR OWN—as a human race of sovereign Beings, to take care of this planet. You do not need what they have.
We wish to impress the image of the man luring the child into the van with candy because this is exactly what is about to unfold. Do not be afraid, SAY NO, and tell them to GO AWAY. It is at this point You can ask for Our help. We encourage You to invoke The Light and the Presence of Us, The Archangels and Ascended Masters. We can only assist if We are ASKED.
This is all for now, as for many, this will be too much, and despite Our best efforts not to frighten or scare You, many of You have seen too many movies and will be frightened nevertheless. The movies are indeed to disempower You. You are being programmed to be submissive, but You do not have to be. You need to RISE UP and take back Your power and exclaim, NO! WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE! GO AWAY!
It is only when You have expressed Your wishes and You have made Your Will known that We will be able to assist You. They are counting on the fact that currently, You do not know You have the power and the choice to say NO! IF they persist, against the EXPRESSED WILL of a sovereign Nation, then they will be subject to the Laws of The Universe which expressly state that no Sovereign Being or Nation shall be harmed or interfered with against their Will. They see this as a loophole because You do not Know Your Rights. Do not allow this to happen to Your people. Stand Up, State Your Will, and SAY NO! You are NOT INVITED. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.
I AM Beloved Archangel Raguel, Keeper of Peace and Justice. Disclosure is imminent; You must know what to do from an empowered state. This cannot be stressed enough. The Archangels and Angelic Kingdom hold watch over Your planet. We come with Love and Guidance, but cannot tread upon Your Will. This is the Law of Love, it does not interfere. We can Guide You, We can direct You, but ultimately it is You Dear Children who choose Your fate.
With Blessings and Love Eternal,
I AM Raguel and We Are The Ascended Masters within The Celestial Kingdom of Light.”
This message was received by Channel, Alicia A. Rammel
Spiritual Unfoldment: The Awakening of One Divine Heart
Endless Love to All Allways,
Alicia Rammel
As always, please feel free to share this message in an attitude of Love and Gratitude, honoring the The Divine Being transmitting The Message and The Messenger. Please DO NOT alter this Message in any way. Thank You, it is an honor to serve You on This Path.


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